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Cedar Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility

  • Location: Winder, GA
  • Client: HFS Engineering, Inc.
  • Structural Engineer of Record
    • Cast in place concrete walls
    • Cast in place concrete one way slabs
    • Cast in place concrete two way slabs
    • Aluminum handrails and walkways
    • Structural steel floor framing
    • Open web steel joists
    • Wood stud load bearing walls
    • Wood roof trusses
    • Concrete Masonry Unit load bearing walls
    • Matt Foundations

This four million gallon per day wastewater treatment facility is a self contained treatment facility constructed primarily with cast in place concrete. The office and equipment facility that joins the various channels, reservoirs, and tanks is a two and three story structure constructed with a combination of cast in place load bearing walls, wood stud walls, and concrete masonry unit walls. The large multilevel equipment facility has an upper level cast in place concrete floor system supported with metal deck on steel wide flange beams. Below is an intermediate two way slab that provides additional room for equipment to support the treatment process.