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Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements-City of Moultrie

  • Location: Moultrie, GA
  • Client: Carter and Sloope
  • Structural Engineer of Record
    • Reinforced concrete slabs on grade
    • Elevated reinforced concrete slabs
    • Reinforced concrete walls
  • New Structures
    • Carrousel Basin
    • Clarifiers
    • RAS/WAS Pump Station
    • Deep Bed Sand Filter
    • UV Disinfection System
    • Re-aeration System
    • Operations Building
    • Effluent Flume
    • Electrical Building
    • Rotary Press Building
    • Aerobic Digester

This major plant upgrade provides the city of Moultrie an operating wastewater treatment capacity of 4 million gallons per day. Of the 11 new concrete structures that were constructed with a concrete volume of over 4500 cubic yards, the carrousel basin was the largest-approximately the size of a football field and roughly 25 feet at its highest. This project delivered over $20 million dollars of improvements to the city's wastewater treatment process. Not only does it serve as intended, but it is an attraction for curious little 3rd graders on school field trips.